Kitchen cabinets


Los Angeles kitchen cabinets


The segments are solid light dim, while the island is a solid pigeon.

The work plan is in vintage steel. The adaptability of the venture is the additional estimation of the creation, covering lines and cementitious bodies are the heroes of the scene.

Los Angeles kitchen cabinets


Elegance and refinement of this kitchen come from a composite of Peltrox finish and steel, which is combined with the glossy cappuccino look and heat-treated adding elegance and refinement. The opaque glass panels are fitted with titanium-like steel support for a unique and modern look.

kitchen cabinets Los Angeles


The minimalistic structure gives this collection both – the best performance for functionality and the best performance for aesthetics. The usage of acrylic allows smooth post-formed corners, which means a lack of joints.

Los Angeles kitchen cabinets


The Limha Glossy design expresses the homeowner’s personality by freely mixing together quality materials, styles, and finishes. In this composite Peltrox finish, steel is combined with the glossy cappuccino look and heat-treated oak, therefore, adding elegance and refinement.

kitchen cabinets Los Angeles


Minimalist and eclectic, the kitchen is an ever-increasingly fluid space that adapts to modern ways of living. Serving not just as a work area, space also gives a place to have fun, receive friends and to work.

Los Angeles kitchen cabinets


Innovation, versatility, and quality. The minimalist volume and linear appearance furnish the kitchen space with a versatile design that allows you to have a dynamic experience.With it wide range of finishes, Sincro allows you to choose your own style of modern kitchen cabinets.

kitchen cabinets Los Angeles


A brave design is created using minimalist forms and materials. The cabinet units are boldly placed to give a space like impression, with the white color adding a sense of brightness.The kitchen now is made up of pure contemporary lines.


Wall mounted cabinets with minimalist lines carry a fluid silhouette that gives off a light feel and balance. What set this design apart are the finish, colors and design elements such as unique handles and under wall units.

kitchen cabinets Los Angeles


A play of volumes breaks up the compositional rhythm, while the different depths of the base units improve ergonomics and interaction between man and objects. The opaque glass font panels are fitted with titanium-look steel supports a combination of finishes for the best possible look of Los Angeles kitchen cabinets.


The peninsula composition highlights the flexibility of the design here, giving a contrast between the black and white surfaces. With handles built into the doors, Nevi evoke memories of the past.


It’s a consummation for searching a new material, but simultaneously soft and elegant, mixed with research of functional bulk, cooperate in the production of the first encirclement devoted to sample skin.

MT 210

The MT-210 series brings infinite possibilities as it combines aluminum edging to the polished surface of the cabinets in order to create a surreal completeness.

MT 210 Fenix

The MT200 collection proposes a charming and never completive sample of textures…

Endless possibilities: as an amazing

and innumerable images made by a kaleidoscope.

MT 400

A collection that is characterized by sophistication and definitive lines that are designed to please they eye through high-level features, comfort, and simplicity.

Importantly, the design provides a contrast, which harmonizes the look without being monotonous.


Luxury Los Angeles kitchen cabinets


A Marosi kitchen gives the idea of movement through its design philosophy rooted in the concept of fluidity. This gives it a practicality that preserves the universal style and charm. From the purity of the lines to the uninterrupted waves of the design, the Marosi kitchen set delivers a composed and serene cooking environment.


Like a dance, this kitchen’s personality floats forward to meet you. The lower block of the island swivels so that every space is always accessible instantly and comfortably.


Without sacrificing the traditional functions of a kitchen, the Cubika design invigorates a sober and refined look that brings on a clean and elegant environment.Making an impressive statement with acrylic, this collection ensures both the sturdiness and artistic integrity of the hard tops. With precise construction and minimalistic designs, Cubika brings your kitchen to life. Cubika – luxury Los Angeles kitchen cabinets.

MT 701 S

The MT 701 is designed to embrace and seduce you with its soft sensation, given to it by subtle ergonomics that mimic people moving through the environment.