The segments are solid light dim, while the island is solid pigeon.
The work plan is in vintage steel. The adaptability of the venture is the additional estimation of the creation, covering lines and cementitious bodies are the heroes of the scene. A cross-extend for most extreme flexibility of creation and abnormal amounts of customization; a propelled ergonomics program to expand the connection amongst man and question, needs and capacities. A venture to enhance the personal satisfaction at home, to hand it into a situation over which man is at the focal point of the outline. The idea is planned tuned in to the contemporary kitchen seeing increasingly fixing to an individual measurement.


Italian furniture –  the basis of an impeccable interior

Luxury Italian kitchen cabinets for several centuries is considered the pinnacle of furniture art. Ancient traditions of cabinetmakers and none – trivial ideas of designers are embodied in impeccable collections. Among Italian factories, it is impossible to single out the best:  many of them produce exclusive furniture.  Therefore,  we see our mission in helping you to purchase the products of Italian masters that best suit your preferences.

The choice of Italian kitchen cabinets in classical and modern execution is traditionally rich. If necessary, our specialists will develop an individual project for you.