Modern kitchen cabinets from Italy

Modern kitchen cabinets – To love is to form a romantic bond, and to live is to savor the various aromas of life. By providing quality cabinets from MITON, we at MEF (Metropolitan Euro Furnishings) strive to blend the love of life into our material designs, to replicate the various flavors of the world and deliver it to your home kitchens.

As a supplier of modern MITON products, we are proud to provide high-end modern contemporary Italian kitchen cabinets. As time changes, materials, modern designs, and tastes also change. However, what remains constant is the passion that lies within. What started in the early 60s as the small brainchild of Giuseppe Arangiaro, MITON modern has evolved into a multinational corporation still dedicated to providing the utmost excellent modern Italian cabinetry.




modern kitchen cabinets
modern kitchen cabinets
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Love Planet

We must protect what we love, and at Metropolitan Euro Furnishings we ensure the preservation of our delicate planet. In efforts of saving this prestigious planet, our product line modern kitchens complies with multiple international certifications, namely UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 concerning international quality management standards, and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certified efforts to reduce environmental impact. Above all, their cabinets boast the F4 (F-Four Star) certification awarded to companies that comply with the highly stringent Japanese standards.By choosing modern kitchens, we protect what is near and dear to us our planet.

Luxury and convenience of modern Italian kitchen cabinetry

Practical, reliable and comfortable Italian modern cabinets will be appreciated by any hostess who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. The furniture, which consists of Italian cabinets, is designed by Italian specialists who know perfectly well what is important in the kitchen. Therefore, preparing a meal in modern cabinets from Italy is a pleasure.

Our elite cabinets for the modern kitchen manufactured in Italy are made from precious wood with the use of expensive fittings and stylish decorative trim elements. In our company, you will find the widest selection of modern European kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles.

Acquired elite cabinets from Italy will not go out of fashion. After all, it implies a unique design and unsurpassed reliability. The main feature of cabinets for the kitchen from Italy is the combination of beauty and refinement with absolute quality. That’s why the modern Italian kitchen cabinets, there are practically no competitors.

All variants of the modern kitchens from Italy combine high aesthetics and perfect engineering solutions. Convenient auxiliary mechanisms guarantee the simple and pleasant use of kitchen cabinets from Italy in Los Angeles. Despite the clear graphics and monumentality of the forms, some models of Italian built-in kitchen cabinets create an effect of weightlessness and a sense of lightness due to a large amount of glass and open shelves.

Are you going to order modern Italian kitchen cabinets? We are waiting for you at MEF in Los Angeles! We are happy to help you pick up kitchen furniture from Italy to your liking! Creative design solutions, a wide palette of colors and always impeccable quality – this is how you can characterize the elite kitchen furniture presented on our website. MEF- provides the best quality Italian modern cabinets, closets, bathroom vanities, wall units in Los Angeles. Modern kitchen cabinets are the best embodiment of quality, style, and functionality.