Kitchen cabinets Los Angeles


kitchen cabinets


With carved fronts looming with a thick wooden presence, the cabinetry is made incredibly gorgeous with a drip catching edge. The handles, or rather lack of handles, creates a minimalistic approach as the door itself now serves as its own handle.

kitchen cabinets Los Angeles


Maintaining a formal purity and intangible lightness, the Vogue collection allows one to deftly move around and take in all the flavors and senses.

european kitchen cabinets Los Angeles


Inspired by laboratory equipment and accessories, Bluna provides a clean and modern environment to prepare your food. The columns and base units are a white matte lacquer with a silk finish and the worktop is white acrylic.

modern binova


Capturing the human essence, mood encapsulates you in a cocoon of warmth and humanity transforming your kitchen into a surreal environment.

kitchen cabinets Los Angeles


Is one of the registered architecture project  presenting the development of technology and space concepts, and as space itself is a prolongation of time and using feasibility.We build up continuity between day and night, transforming the meaning of the walls: from a segmentation part to an entire passage element.The union of polar notions is the key to read the implausible frontals we have made owing to the 12-millimeter thick aluminum doors.

Los Angeles kitchen cabinets


Is the result of an ordinary design whose minimalist shapes disassemble a high- tech design: the new aluminum frame which is represented here is the centerpiece of this model, offering material with the capacity to resist, and hob Empathy, which discloses a new and unique ampliative inference technology concept.

Los Angeles kitchen cabinets


The Regula system of containers set in an aluminum frame with legs of varying heights is ideal for holding open or closed modules, which can be arranged in whatever combination you wish for functional use or aesthetic effect. With sideboards and cupboards, benches and shelves for multimedia devices, bookshelves, nd chests of drawers, even a system of modular padded units that alternate with shelves and small containers, the living area flow into the kitchen area in an all-encompassing spatial continuum.

Los Angeles kitchen cabinets


Bring the kitchen towards an ultra-minimalist and ultra-functional future, expressing the maximal summary of the actions linked to life in the domestic environment. A desire to define spaces creating simple structures of great ideological and communicative features.

Italian kitchens

If it is a question of large mansions with elite modern kitchen cabinets Los Angeles, in which the kitchen space is allocated a large enough space, the Italian cabinets will be relevant here. The kitchen should match the general style of the interior of the house. Experienced master cabinet makers from Italy took care of this.

The tradition of making furniture for living quarters (this applies to the Italian furniture) goes back centuries and is passed on from generation to generation. That is why the products made in modern Italian furniture factories have no equal in any country in the world. If the furniture (including Italian cuisine) was made in Italy, then there is no shadow of a doubt that it meets the following criteria:

  • Exquisite and at the same time maximally functional design;
  • Conformity to the style solution;
  • The highest quality materials of manufacture;
  • Reliability and durability.

Italian cabinetry in Los Angeles by MEF

Our company successfully satisfies the needs of connoisseurs of elite Italian furniture for many years. This became possible because we have established partnerships with many manufacturers of furniture products, Italian cuisines in particular. And the possibility of direct supplies from Italy is one of the most important when determining the price of one or another version of Italian cuisines.

Such Italian furniture products will be able to emphasize respectability, the status of its future owners. Those who prefer more modern trends can like Italian cuisine in the style of minimalism. Of course, the price of cabinets made in Italy is never low. But what can be more beautiful than Italian elite cabinet for the kitchens mostly in Los Angeles? Please contact us, because the best Italian cabinets are represented on our website in Los Angeles!