Kitchen units


Ono bring the kitchen towards an ultra-minimalist and ultra-functional future, expressing the maximal summary of the actions linked to life in the domestic environment. A desire to define spaces creating simple structures of great ideological and communicative features. The kitchen cabinets are not only a defined element of the house structure. The kitchen becomes home, becomes freedom, in which be yourselves is a right. The Ono reveals the person through the refined taste and polished materials, standing out the formal pureness of the product that proposes itself to the barriers of the human being. The intention was to develop a structure starting from the concept of the chandelier. Every single element is born to carry out a specific function, constantly connected to the others through the vertical support identifiable as the idea at the basis of the project. Among the parts of Ono, there are: the internal structure in black anodized aluminum and black matt lacquered panels, the external structure is composed by worktop and doors, with an upper gap to allow the access to the internal compartments.