The Regula system of containers set in an aluminum frame with legs of varying heights is ideal for holding open or closed modules, which can be arranged in whatever combination you wish for functional use or aesthetic effect. With sideboards and cupboards, benches and shelves for multimedia devices, bookshelves, and chests of drawers, even a system of modular padded units that alternate with shelves and small containers, the living area flows into the kitchen area in an all-encompassing spatial continuum. The Regula system meanders freely through space, along with the walls and through the center of the room in an archipelago where the islands are connected with aluminum extruded profiles which provide a base for additional worktops and containers.


For example, Italian kitchen cabinets are a refined taste, especial comfort, sophistication. Connoisseurs of the finest art of the Italian masters will certainly stop their choice on the cabinet, created in the modern Italian style.