Mantis is one of  the  registered architecture project  presenting the development of technology and space concepts,and as space itself is a prolongation of time and using feasibility.We build up continuity between day and night,transforming the meaning of the walls:from a segmentation part to an entirely passage element.The union of polar notions is the key to read the implausible  frontals we have made owing to the 12 millimetre thick aluminium doors.


Italian kitchen cabinets not only an elegant appearance but also an impeccable quality of performance. In the manufacture of kitchen furniture, the best masters of Italy have invested all their experience and knowledge of the age-old traditions in combination with modern technologies. Despite the abundance of modern materials, we use only valuable and noble wood species.

Italian cuisine will never go out of fashion, so the price for them always remains unchanged. Order now modern kitchen cabinets Los Angeles by phone:  + 1 877 244 9912