MT 701 S

The MT 701 is designed to embrace and seduce you with its soft sensation, given to it by subtle ergonomics that mimic people moving through the environment.

This series is designed to embrace you while conveying a softness created by ergonomics, adapted to the motion of people in active environment.



Bianco Segnale Opaco

Bianco Puro Opaco

Bianco Perla Opaco

Beige Grigio Opaco

Avorio Opaco

Arancio Segnale Opaco

Grigio Segnale

Grigio Segnale Opaco

Tortora Opaco

Sabbia Opaco

Rosso Vino Opaco

Rosso Traffico

Rosso Traffico Opaco

Oliva Bruno Opaco

Nero Traffico Opaco

Marrone Cioccolato Opaco

Lilla Blu Opaco

Lilla Blu Opaco

Grigio Tenda Opaco