Italian cabinets – RONDO

Like a dance, this kitchen’s personality floats forward to meet you. The lower block of the island swivels so that every space is always accessible instantly and comfortably.

Lines dance around the curves of the handle and adapt to your hands, providing a secure grip on the steel.



Bianco Segnale Opaco

Bianco Puro Opaco

Bianco Perla Opaco

Beige Grigio Opaco

Avorio Opaco

Italian cabinets

Arancio Segnale Opaco

Grigio Segnale

Grigio Segnale Opaco

Tortora Opaco

Sabbia Opaco

Rosso Vino Opaco

Rosso Traffico Opaco

Oliva Bruno Opaco

Nero Traffico Opaco

Marrone Cioccolato Opaco

Lilla Blu Opaco

Bianco Segnale Lucido

Bianco Puro Lucido

Bianco Perla Lucido

Grigio Segnale Lucido

Beige Grigio Lucido

Avorio Lucido

Arancio Segnale Lucido

Tortora Lucido

Sabbia Lucido

Rosso Vino Lucido

Rosso Traffico Lucido

Oliva Bruno Lucido

Nero Traffico Lucido

Marrone Cioccolato Lucido

Grigio Tenda Lucido

Lilla Blu Lucido

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