Minimalist and eclectic, the kitchen is an ever-increasingly fluid space that adapts to modern ways of living. Serving not just as a work area, the space also gives a place to have fun, receive friends, and to work.

The functional and ergonomic design makes every movement easier. The Barazza stainless steel B-Free Fusion hob is fitted here and with its customizable features, the hob is suited for many applications. With open base units, every drawer is always in reach. This gives this module a harmonious blend to its environment and the living area.



Avorio Opaco

Beige Kenia Opaco

Bianco Neve Opaco

Bianco Supremo Opaco

Bli Intenso Opaco

Caffe Opaco

Cappuccino Opaco

Coloniale Opaco

Creta Opaco

Ferro Opaco

Giallo Ginestra Opaco

Grigio Antracite

Grigio Antracite Opaco

Grigio Box Opaco

Grigio Lava Opaco

Grigio Medio Opaco

Grigio Pietra Opaco

Iuta Opaco

Lavanda Opaco

Melanzana Opaco

Nero Traffico Opaco

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Rosso Porpora Opaco

Sabbia Opaco

Verde Polvere Opaco

Visone Opaco