The Limha Wood design expresses the homeowner’s personality by freely mixing together quality materials, styles, and finishes. In this composite Peltrox finish, steel is combined with the glossy cappuccino look and heat-treated oak therefore adding elegance and refinement.

Every detail is carefully designed. For example, the lips on the doors reduce the profile of the base units lending to a sleeker look. Limha introduces an eclectic design that opens into the living space.



Rovere Bianco

Rovere Brunito

Rovere Cammello

Rovere Cammello

Rovere Mattone

Rovere Termocotto

Rovere Sbaincato

Rovere Nero

Rovere Miele

Tranche Rovere Brunito

Tranche Rovere

Tranche Rovere Cenere

Tranche Rovere Mattone

Tranche Rovere Sbiancato

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Rovere Cenere

Tranche Rovere Miele