The Limha Glossy design expresses the homeowner’s personality by freely mixing together quality materials, styles, and finishes. In this composite Peltrox finish, steel is combined with the glossy cappuccino look and heat-treated oak therefore adding elegance and refinement.

Under the effect of different depths of lighting, the units breathe life into the kitchen environment as surfaces cut to create graphic lines and the plate rack wall unit comes to life.

Every detail is carefully planned and designed. For example, the lips on the doors reduce the profile of the base units. Limha also introduces refined and original materials such as pewtered steel. It allows both – the sink and worktop to be welded and pewtered.



Avorio Lucido

Avorio Lucido

Beige Kenia Lucido

Bianco Neve Lucido

Bianco Supremo Lucido

Colonlale Lucido

Creta Lucido

Ferro Licido

Giallo Ginestra Lucido

Blu Intenso lucido

Caffe Lucido

Cappuccino Lucido

Gregio Antracite Lucido

Ggrigio lava lucido

Grigio Medio Lucido

Grigio Pietra Lucido

Lavanda Lucido

Grigio Box Lucido

Melancaza Lucido

Muschio Lucido

Nero Traffico Lucido

Rosso Porpora Lucido cabinets

Sabbia Lucido

Verde Polvere Lucido

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Visone Lucido