Wardrobe and Closets

Sometimes the storage of things and the proper use of square meters become a real problem. If there is no possibility to equip a full dressing room, then there is a simple solution – to buy a walk in closets. Such furniture is equipped not only with various shelves and a metal crossbeam for outer clothing, but also drawers, shoes, accessories, and mirrors. A roomy assistant, able to decorate the room and become its highlight, must necessarily be in your home.

Walk in closets cases: features and subtleties of choice

If the area allows, the optimal solution for storage of things will be a separate room, staffed by all the rules. Cabinets for the walk in closets room can adjoin to chests, cabinets, shelves or entire modular systems. This approach allows you to lay and hang clothes for the whole family.

However, not everyone has the opportunity to allocate a room for such needs, so we recommend switching attention to the practical and functional model of the wardrobe closet. Such options allow not only to compactly distribute personal items but also will not hide the space. Expanding walls – the optimal solution in a cramped room or in a room with a non-standard layout. Thanks to the huge assortment presented on our website, you can quickly select a wardrobe closet that perfectly fits into the available space.

Specialists of the company “MEF” have collected an amazing collection of exclusive furniture created by leading professionals from Italy and European closets, chic, charming with their simple and laconic model will not leave you indifferent. To create a closet cabinet were used wood, metal, glass, plastic, veneer, fabric, stone, leather. Leading designers have once again proved that they are submissive to any form, line, texture. The variety of stylistic interpretations is really amazing.

Respectable classic with a warm color palette, natural materials, and rich furnishings or practical discreet modern closets solutions? Laconism and functionality, embodied in minimalist and high-tech models, or luxury and deliberateness inherent in the Art Deco style and glamor? Simplicity, a comfort of Provence and country or exotic Morocco? We will find an ideal wardrobe closet, the price, and design of which will suit lovers of both exclusivity and restraint.

Impressive and color palette. Traditional shades (brown, white, ivory, gray, black, beige) coexist with saturated and bright (blue, green, yellow, red, orange, pink, blue). For lovers of chic and originality, we can offer wardrobe cabinets, in the decoration of which there are golden, silvery, steel overflows. Mirror facades help to visually expand the space.

We will pick up wardrobes for a new dressing room and not only. Our consultants will gladly equip the whole house or apartment with designer furniture.