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Kico walk-in closets , beds and accessories for each type of space can customize with unique style the chest of our dreams.

The Kico system has an advanced design concept of order, rationality and creativity to manage the spaces where containers, drawers, shoe racks, door pants and door shirts – made of materials beyond fashion, as timeless as the beauty – have certain functions.

Walk-in closets have become popular, but popularity is growing rapidly. This is explained by the fact quite simple – great functionality, ease of use and practicality of such products, a wide range and the ability to buy or walk-in closets manufacturing absolutely any stylistic solutions and design ideas make this furniture a welcome asset to any modern human. Walk-in closets in the hallway or bedroom – you can use them in any room, even in the smallest. Moreover, built-in furniture in small rooms helps to save space and make use of every centimeter of useful space effectively.
Inside the walk-in closets can have various modifications. Due to the fact that, as a rule, all models of the coupe built-in cabinets are made to order, it is possible to plan the layout of shelves and hangers. It is through such furniture can solve the problems associated with the storage of things and the rational use of limited space.

Furniture performs all housing functions, and each room is equipped with the necessary set of items. But, as a rule, cabinets exist in every room. Even the bathroom and kitchen are endowed with wardrobes, not to mention the bedrooms, where cupboards are an indispensable element.

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