The peninsula composition highlights the flexibility of the design here, giving a contrast between the black and white surfaces. With handles built into the doors, Nevi evoke memories of the past. This design comes into play on a daily basis making life ever so more refined.



Bianco Ghiaccio Seta Opaco

Grigio Seta Opaco

Corda Opaco

Corda Opaco

Nero Seta Opaco

Grigio Pietra Seta Opaco

Bianco Lucido

Grigio Ardesia Lucido

Grafite Lucido

Cielo Lucido

Senape Lucido

Sand Lucido

Frassino Cacao

kitchen cabinets Calabasas

Pino Spazzolato Antracite

Pino Spazzolato Cappuccino

Rovere Argilla

Pino Spazzolato Grigio

kitchen cabinets Calabasas

Pino Spazzolato Grafite