MT 723 GRV

A model of formal cleanliness, its lines design soft forms that are unhindered along their path. The handle disappears but remains on hand.

The handles disappear but practicality remains intact. The groove handle helps to reinforce the gentle impression offered by the lines; there are no points for gripping. Yet the functionality and accessibility of the roomy internal spaces remain unaltered.



Bianco Segnale Lucido

Bianco Puro Lucido

Bianco Perla Lucido

Bianco Lucido

Beige Grigio Lucido

Avorio Lucido

Arancio Segnale Lucido

Grigio Tenda Lucido

Grigio Segnale Lucido

Tortora Lucido

Sabbia Lucido

Rosso Vino Lucido

Rosso Traffico Lucido

Oliva Bruno Lucido

Nero Traffico Lucido

Marrone Cioccolato Lucido

Lilla Blu Lucido