MT-400/600- kitchen cabinets Beverly Hills, CA

Luxury and convenience of kitchen cabinets Beverly Hills

Acquired elite cuisine from Italy will not go out of fashion. After all, it implies a unique design and unsurpassed reliability.

The main feature of furniture for the kitchen from Italy is the combination of beauty and refinement with absolute quality.
That’s why the Italian furniture for the kitchen, there are practically no competitors.
We are happy to help you pick up kitchen furniture from Italy to your liking! Creative design solutions,
a wide palette of colors and always impeccable quality – this is how you can characterize
the elite kitchen furniture presented on our website.

Excellent selection of kitchens in the salon MEF

Furniture salon MEF offers you exclusive kitchens in factories in Italy: Binova and Miton.
Here you can buy Italian furniture, made in different styles: from classics to high-tech.
The collection of exclusive cuisines includes various furniture compositions,
including small kitchens – cabinets with household electrical appliances.

All variants of status kitchens from Italy combine high aesthetics and perfect engineering solutions.
Convenient auxiliary mechanisms guarantee the easy and pleasant use of Italian furniture in everyday life.
Despite the clear graphics and monumentality of the forms, some models of Italian built-in kitchens
create an effect of weightlessness and a sense of lightness due to a large amount of glass and open shelves.

Materials and colors

For furniture facades, a natural tree is used in all the variety of its natural shades and textures.
The choice of facade colors and materials for countertops is huge. The charm of natural
materials make every set of Italian cuisine made unique and inimitable. 

Luxury and convenience of kitchen