MT 400

A collection that is characterized by sophistication and definitive lines that are designed to please they eye through high level features, comfort and simplicity.

Importantly, the design provides a contrast, which harmonizes the look without being monotonous.



MT 400

Amaranto Opaco

Satin Opaco

Panna Opaco

Melanzana Opaco

Melanzana HG

Bianco HG

Caffe HG

Bordeaux HG

Nero HG

Tortora HG

Magnolia HG

Rosso HG

Larice Bianco HG

Larice Grigio HG

Melinga Bianco

Melinga Noce Scuro

Melinga Wenge

Noce Italia

Satin Palissander

Rovere Grigio

Rovere Moro

rovere naturale

Rovere Naturale

Rovere Teak

Zebrano HG

kitchen cabinets Rolling Hills

Noce Amelia

Melinga Noce Chiaro

Tranche Noce

Tranche Rovere Chiaro

MT 410

kitchen cabinets Rolling Hills

Bianco HG Lucido