Kitchen cabinets modern

MT-122-Los Angeles, CA

Kitchen cabinets modern – in the modern style of the furniture factory «Miton and Binova» are distinguished by harmony, dynamism, simplicity, and comfort. The main task in the development of their design is a harmonious combination of simplicity and originality, rigor and elegance.

The emergence of this style at the turn of the last centuries coincided with the onset of rapid technical progress. Not only the world outlook of people has changed, but also their way of life. The aristocratic pretentiousness of the baroque and the bourgeois quality of the classics have changed the laconicism, simplicity and practicality of a more modern direction, which above all set free and received the name of modernity. And today the kitchen cabinets in modern style is marked by the seal of freedom. This style does not have a strict framework, it offers us the opportunity to improvise. Apparently, that is why modernity became a popular trend in the arrangement of modern interior.

Elite kitchen cabinets modern in interior design do not create a sense of massiveness or pomposity. Here there are only smooth, clean lines, simple metal frames, frosted glass.

You can buy an art from any material. This can be an array of valuable wood species, both MDF and chipboard. Due to the rich selection of materials, modern-style kitchen cabinets are offered in a wide price range.

In the presented photos, modern kitchen cabinets look harmonious: the severity of the forms is compensated by the refinement of the color range, texture or original details of the decoration.

Elegant kitchen cabinets modern will not break the balance in a limited space, and the many numerous modules will not create a feeling of emptiness in a large area.

The only condition is the zoning of space. For this, you can use a variety of floor coverings, a barrack, multi-level ceilings, a game with lighting and many other design techniques. The original elite kitchens in the Miton and Binova style are created precisely on this principle of interior division.

The organization of a modern kitchen interior is based on contrasts. It can be an alternation of smooth glossy and rough textured surfaces, for example, decorative plaster walls emphasize the polishing of furniture facades.

As for the range of colors, there are inappropriate different shades of one palette. Color solutions of kitchen cabinets modern are built on opposites, for example, dark brown or black paints are generously diluted with white, and bright accents are placed in two or three places.

As materials for the facades of kitchen sets style, materials such as MDF coated with enamel and film, chipboard covered with plastic, an array of different types of wood, etc. are used. But even the elegant wood modern kitchen cabinets look easy thanks to carefully selected color scale. Here, shades of walnut and acacia can be used, but wenge remains the most harmonious for it.